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Today we will be reviewing a condo rental company named Maui Condo and Car of Hawaii. They are one of the leading property management companies on the beautiful of island of Maui Hawaii. One of the biggest perks of Maui Condo and Car is there local presence on the island. In today’s travel industry so many rental & management companies are located geographically away from properties they manage – not Maui Condo & Car. With a full staff and an actual office right on the island, guest enjoy the luxury of having a team to serve, fix, and expedite any request that rises.

During the Winter season Maui Condo and Car sees a huge uptick in business. The island of Maui is one of the more popular in the Hawaiian chain and attracts vacationers from all around the globe. When individuals book a property they are also able to book multiple excursion options via the management company. Activities like four wheeling, jungle exploring, hiking, and snorkeling, are all extremely popular for visitors.

Overall, visitors who are interested in the pacific islands of Hawaii, would do well to book their trip through the Maui Condo company that offers the absolute best in modern day service. Ask Entrepreneur Eric James!

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Travel App worth Exploring

Visiting a new city is always exciting. However, sometimes it can be quite overwhelming to navigate on your own. What if there was a way to explore it like a local? That’s what the travel app Smart Paris aims to deliver. Modeling their concept of a basic view point of locals, Smarter Paris gives visitors the opportunity to get lost in the culture and explore the city like a true native.

The advantage of this is obvious – a more genuine experience means better memories and a reason to come back! Smart Paris has created a way to let locals tell their story of Paris. Doing this is a long term play in attracting repeat visitors.

The beauty of the app is that its ever growing. When compiling every ones version of the city, different angles and different experiences are created. It’s a great version of artificial “artificial intelligence.”

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